Young Investigator Prize (YIP)

Candidates must have started or obtained their PhD or MD degree not later than seven years before the time of submission and must be a member of a EuPA affiliated society and working in a European laboratory. They should be presenting authors of an abstract at the congress and tick the corresponding box when doing the submission. Abstracts of candidates must be also submitted to EuPA. The winner will receive 1000€ and must do a short presentation at the congress closing session. Details on the prize call can be found in the following link.

Dr Ilaria Piazza. ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Poster Prizes

Five prizes of 200€ each will be given to outstanding posters selected by the scientific committee.

  • Evelyn Ramberger, The C/EBPA interactome unravelled by a novel mass spectrometric screening method
  • Wojciech Michalak, Software for quantitative analysis of protein complexes
  • Beatriz Yllera, Exosomes as new tools for searching relevant proteins in colorectal cancer metastasis
  • Diana Lashidua Fernandez Coto, Quantitative proteomics reveals proteins and pathways involved in the progression from non-cancerous lesions to gastric cancer
  • Rebecca Herzog, Cross-Omics Analysis of proteome and transcriptome dynamics during clinical peritoneal dialysis therapy

Industry Award

A recognition award will be given by EuPA to one of the industry sponsors of the congress for an outstanding methodological contribution to the proteomics field during the last year. The prize will consist of a diploma given at the closing ceremony of the congress.

Dr Torsten Ueckert and Dr Bernard Delanghe. Thermofisher scientific. Proteome discoverer 2.4, Mass informatics platform for protein scientists

Juan Pablo Albar Pioneer Award 2018

Prize sponsored by EuPA, established in memory of Juan Pablo Albar. With this award, EuPA intends to honor a person with a leading and long-standing involvement in the promotion of the principles of sharing and integration of resources for the development of excellent research in the Proteomics field.

Prof Paola Picotti. ETH Zürich, Switzerland

SEProt-Juan Pablo Albar 2018 prize

This prize, sponsored by Bruker Daltonics, acknowledges outstanding proteomic-related scientific activities by Spanish scientist carrying out their main work in Spain. It will be announced at the XII EuPA Congress- SEProt 7th Congress (Santiago de Compostela) and is divided in the following categories

  • Best scientific paper in proteomic in 2017: 1000 €
  • Best oral communication to the EuPA 2018-SEProt Congress: 500€
  • Best poster to the EuPA 2018-SEProt Congress: 500 €.

Please check here the Call.


Best scientific paper in proteomic in 2017: Dr Enrique Calvo, Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares Carlos III (CNIC). Mechanism of super-assembly of respiratory complexes III and IV (2018) Nature 539, 579-582.

Best oral communication to the EuPA 2018-SEProt Congress: Itziar Uriza Arenaza. Quantitative Phosphoproteomics reveals novel phosphosites downstream kappa-opioid receptor in human spermatozoa.

Best poster to the Eupa2018-SEProt Congress: Irene Zubiri Azcarate. Unravelling phenotypic heterogeneity in ALS using quantitative proteomics: from animal models of the disease to human pathology.